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Winefest was fun!!

Hey everybody! I know it’s been a while since my last post but these past couple of weeks have been crazy. This last weekend was wine fest and we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful weekend for it. The sun was high and the wine was flowing. Vendors from all over come to saint Michaels to sell and allow patrons to sample an array of different wines and are given the option to purchase after they taste. This of course was a perfect time for us to show the public our now quite popular Golly Black sorbet. The wine is simmered with sugar, fresh raspberries, and purified water to make the taste a bit more subtle and refreshing. The alcohol that is left in the sorbet acts as a stabilizer to make the sorbet scoop like a dream.

We set our cart up in front of the Chesapeake Bay outfitter which is conveniently located one block away from our store. We encouraged our out of town wine hunters to sample any of our six flavors. Philly, Cocoa dream, Raspberry Oreo, Coffee Toffee, golly wobler black, and one of my newest flavors, the chocolate Zen. The saint Michaels winery has a chocolate infused zinfandel that we reduced down into a thick syrup and mixed into our ice cream.

Although business was good but the opportunity to allow people to try all of the flavors and truly tell me what they thought was incredible. Lots of good feedback and lots of happy people all over town.

Thank you to everybody that came out to support the community and the ice cream dream that is Justine’s!

Peace love and ice cream,


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