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It’s a great day for a snow cone @ Justine’s.

As the summer temperatures rise, so do our cravings for icy treats to beat the heat. Although they may seem like a simple combination of syrup and ice, there is a colorful history behind the many varieties of shaved ice Americans consume each summer. Get the low down on snow cones.

Now an iconic summer treat, it is fitting that snow cones were debuted at another classic example of summertime Americana: the state fair. In 1919 East Dallas resident Samuel Bert, locally known as “King Sammie,” began selling the icy treats at the State Fair of Texas.  The following year, he patented his ice crusher machine, and by the early 1950s his stand at the state fair was selling an estimated 1 million snow cones per year. Snow cones are distinguished by the crunchy consistency of the crushed ice, with the flavored syrup collecting in the ice and the wax cone in which it is typically served. Snow cones are also a popular local treat in Hawaii, where they are called “shave ice” and are known for their signature flavor: rainbow.


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