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Butterfat Content in Ice Cream

Butterfat Content in Ice Cream- good or bad?

butterfat-iceam-contentHave you ever wondered what makes one ice cream better than the other? Is the cheap ice cream better than the expensive one? And do you get what you pay for? In this post we will try to explain to some important facts you should consider if you are looking for quality ice creams.

Butterfat and Quality

Is the butterfat content in ice cream good or bad?  Most of you believe that less fat is better. But when we talk about ice cream the larger the butterfat content is makes the difference between good ice cream and  premium ice cream. The butterfat factor in one of the most important factors which defines the ice cream’s texture and smooth flavor. On the other end if you have too much fat in your ice cream, the  ice cream starts to taste greasy. So what is the best- more or less? Explore the next table.

Product Butterfat % by weight
Super-premium ice cream 14-16
Premium ice cream* 12-14
Ice cream <10
Frozen Custard 10 (1.4% egg yolk)
Gelato 3-8
Soft Serve* 3-6
Ice Milk 3.5
Sherbet* 1-2
Sorbet* 0 (no milk)
* You will find the product at Justine’s Ice Cream Parlour OC


It is important to mention that butterfat is measured by weight, not by volume! There is another important factor- the amount of pumped air ( which will be subject to our next post) that is processed in ice cream. It is used to give volume, but decreases the flavor because it does not add more dairy ingredients.

Butterfat content between 12-14% is the right choice if you want to enjoy rich and smooth flavor in a premium quality ice cream. At Justine’s Ice Cream Parlour  Ocean City, MD, you will find high quality premium ice cream ( 12%), soft serve (5-6 %), sherbet (1-2%) and Sorbet which is butterfat/dairy free. We also serve fat free and no sugar added flavors for those with dietary concerns.

Next time you treat yourself to ice cream, pay attention to the ice cream texture and flavor. This is the easiest and the best way to know if you are eating high quality ice cream…richness, texture, and flavor. Ask your server… they should know!

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